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Big Dahlia ( Red ) – Plant
  • Full sunlight is ideal.
  • In hotter climates, you’ll need to water more frequently as needed.
  • When planting, the ground should be warm, well-drained, and in a place that gets plenty of sun.
  • For tuber sprouting to occur, the soil must be warmer than 62 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A liquid fertilizer with low nitrogen is beneficial for dahlias.



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Dahlias are the loud, flamboyant, unpretentious rock stars of the garden.

Even though they are of a distinct species, they are currently one of the main draws in our annual garden (Bulb). The dahlia flower comes in a range of colors and shapes. The diameter of the blossoms varies from 2 inches to 10 inches.

The petals may be single or in the form of a honeycomb. They have an extremely high requirement for sunshine. So, put it where you can get at least six hours or all day long of direct sunlight.

Where to Plant and When
Dahlias should generally be planted from mid-April through May for the greatest results. 60 degrees or so on average for the ground. Generally speaking, you should plant your vegetable garden at the same time. Dahlias require sunlight to grow well. The ideal location is one that gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Taller plants and fewer blossoms result from less sunlight. With the exception of hot areas, they require shade in the afternoon and early.


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