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Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine – Plant
  • Maintain the plant in bright, indirect natural light.
  • Check the moisture in the soil by poking it with your finger or a simple little stick.
  • When the top soil (1-2 inches) seems dry to the touch, add 3 cups (about 150 ml) of water.
  • After receiving it, wait at least two weeks before repotting.


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Flowers foster close relationships and improve our ability to connect with loved ones. One of the most exquisite and fragrant flowering plants in Asia is the mogra plant, sometimes known as the jasmine blossom.

Oleaceae is the family to which Jasminum sambac belongs. The evergreen shrub Jasminum sambac has dark green foliage and white flowers.

The jasminum sambac plant is a tiny shrub or vine that can reach a height of 3 meters. It is commonly grown for its alluring and sweet-smelling flower. The blossoms are often used to make herbal tea and perfumes.

Medical Uses:

  • Jaundice and other venereal illnesses are thought to respond well to it biologically.
  • The flower buds aid in the treatment of eye ailments, skin conditions, boils, vesicles, and ulcers.
  • Extract from leaves to prevent breast cancers
  • Regular Jasmine tea consumption aids in the treatment of cancer.
  • Its oil has excellent calming and relaxing properties.
  • Make sure to request guidelines from your healthcare provider.


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Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine – Plant - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine – Plant - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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