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Ber Fruit, Ziziphus Mauritiana (Grafted) Plant
  • Ber trees would grow into bushy, huge, and unmanageable forms if left to their own devices, but their production per square meter is rather modest.
  • Trees are correctly taught during the first two to three years to create a sturdy framework in order to maintain the plant in a controllable shape and size.



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A little to medium-sized subtropical tree known as ber is well-known for its diminutive berry-like fruit. The tropical fruit tree species known as Indian plum, or Ziziphus mauritiana (Ziziphus jujuba Mill. ), is a member of the Rhamnaceae family.

A little spreading tree with drooping branches that grows to a height of 5 to 8 meters, has a trunk circumference of 85 cm, and has rough, grey or dull black bark that is unevenly broken. Oval, broad, dark green, and gleaming from above are the leaves. The circular fruit appears soon after the yellowish blooms, which are formed in clusters along the leaf axils.


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Ber Fruit, Ziziphus Mauritiana (Grafted) Plant - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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Ber Fruit, Ziziphus Mauritiana (Grafted) Plant - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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