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Piper Nigrum, Kali Mirch Plant
  • The vines should be trained when still young, so tie or simply weave them between the trellis pieces.
  • It is excellent to grow under trees because they offer shade and require no additional ventilation for planting.
  • Apply manure and leaf mulch.
  • Shoots should be pruned twice a year for best results.


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A flowering vine called black pepper is grown for its dried fruit, which is used as a spice and condiment. The fruit is called a peppercorn when it has been dried.

Piper Nigrum, also known as Kali Mirch, is a spreading woody perennial vine. Where trailing stems make contact with the earth, it quickly begins to root. The leaves measure 3 to 6 cm in width and 5 to 10 cm in length. Small, spherical fruits that turn crimson are the blooms. Typically, indoor houseplants won’t bear fruit.

Typically, the plants continue to produce fruit for seven years after the fourth or fifth year of growth.

It is widely farmed both there and in other tropical areas. A plant can be cultivated in soil that is moist, well-drained, rich in organic matter, and neither too dry nor prone to flooding. It grows well in regions with bright indirect sun or areas with sun dappled shade.


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