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Ranunculus (Orange) – Bulbs
  • These bulbs have already been prepared for planting.
  • Ranunculus bulb sowing occurs in the wet and early winter months.
  • Make a hole that is around three times the bulb’s height deep.
  • Place the bulb in the hole, cover it with earth, and firmly press it down.



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Although Ranunculus flowers appear too delicate to be real, they are relatively simple to grow in your yard or container garden to make lovely flower arrangements.

Ranunculus flowers have a nearly flawless appearance for being natural. Their petals, which resemble roses, are made up of several layers. Ranunculu’s vibrantly colored blossoms are a major draw.

These lovely flowers are prized for their tall stems, colorful double-ruffled petals, and extended vase life. Moreover, they produce long-lasting cut flowers.


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Ranunculus (Orange) – Bulbs - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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