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9 Colors Navratri Set
  • Easy maintenance, annual flowering and tough plant.
  • Required proper drainage of water in the soil.


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These flowers are used for Durga Puja. These flowering plants possess a unique aroma or fragrance and create a pleasant and aesthetic value to the pooja ritual. This plant grows very easily all across the globe and is also used for healing.

Day 1 of Navratri: Orange is the colour of renown, name, and wealth, and it also boosts your aura’s charisma.

Day 2 of Navratri: The colour white represents serenity, prayer, faith, and stability.

Day 3 of Navratri: The colour red is a symbol of strength, passion, and enthusiasm.

Day 4 of Navratri: The royal blue colour symbolises strength and tranquilly.

Day 5 of Navratri: The colour yellow symbolises happiness and brings optimism and confidence into one’s life.

Day 6 of Navratri: The colour green is associated with prosperity.

Day 7 of Navratri: The grey colour symbolises dignity, connects you to heavenly power, and protects you from harm.

Day 8 of Navratri: Purple is the colour of grandeur and faith.

Day 9 of Navratri: The peacock green colour symbolises unconditional love and richness.

Combo Contains

1. Hibiscus, Gudhal Flower (Red) – 1 Plant
2. Clitoria Ternatea, Gokarna (Blue) – 1 Plant
3. Bush Allamanda, Allamanda cathartica (Yellow) – 1 Plant
4. Krishna Kamal, Passion flower, Passiflora incarnata (Purple) – 1 Plant
5. African Marigold (Orange) – 1 Plant
6. Krishna Tulsi Plant, Holy Basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum (Black) – 1 Plant
7. Asparagus densiflorus – 1 Plant
8. Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine – 1 Plant
9. Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green) – 1 Plant


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9 Colors Navratri Set - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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9 Colors Navratri Set - Shop now at Trigart Flower Nursery

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