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Crinum Lily, Spider Lilly (White)
  • The Crinum family’s members require fertilization about three times a year, while not being the simplest to care for.
  • Once they have perished, the leaves and blossoms should be removed.
  • The bulbs should be taken out of the garden in the fall and kept indoors in a cool spot if you live in a really cold climate.
  • Your Crinum lilies might not produce blossoms for up to five years.


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Large, moisture- and heat-loving plants, crinum lilies (Crinum spp.) produce an abundance of spectacular flowers in the summer. The foliage is coarse and open, spirally organized. It is frequently used for a small, expanding hedge.

Bulbs grow well in soils that are rich in organic matter, wet, and well-drained, whether they are in full sun or light shade. Plants are typically cultivated in big containers up north and brought inside for the winter. Plant bulbs in pots or containers with a minimum two-inch bigger diameter than the bulbs themselves.

More than 3 feet long and 4 inches wide are possible for the dark green strap-like leaves. Flowers have a tube-like structure that opens into a crown of slender petals. The white blossoms are grouped together and perched on thick, succulent stems. Purple is the color of the stamen.

In consistently wet, organically rich, fertile soils with full sun to light shade, bulbs can be grown with ease. This plant may tolerate dryness for brief intervals. Before the first frost, bring containers inside in the fall so they can overwinter in a frost-free area.


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