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Petroselinum Crispum Plant
  • Compared to an orange, parsley has a higher vitamin C concentration.
  • It is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A, and numerous B vitamins.
  • Because of its high chlorophyll content, parsley naturally freshens breath.



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In American, Middle Eastern, and European cuisine, parsley is frequently utilized. Fresh, chopped green parsley is frequently put on top of foods when they are served. In many soups, stews, and casseroles in central, eastern, and southern European cuisines, root parsley is used as a vegetable or as a snack.

In temperate climes, garden parsley is a bright green, hairless, biennial herbaceous plant; in subtropical and tropical regions, it is an annual herb.

Where it is a biennial, it creates a rosette of tripinnate leaves in the first year that are 10,25 cm long and have several 1,3 cm leaflets, as well as a tap-root that is utilized as a food storage for the winter.

It grows a blooming stem to 75 cm tall in the second year, which has sparser leaves and flat-topped umbels with many 2 mm diameter yellow to yellowish-green flowers. The 2,3 mm long, ovoid seeds with noticeable style remains at the apex. Apiol is one of the chemicals found in essential oils. After the seed matures, the plant typically dies.

Due to its lengthy tap root, parsley does not transplant well and is best started from seeds placed directly in the container. Add a few seeds to the earth’s surface, then add another 1/4 inch of dirt to cover them. Expect seedlings to appear in three weeks or so if you water the container frequently to maintain the soil moist to the touch but not saturated. Use scissors to trim the extra or pinch it out between your thumb and fingernail.

By removing them, you risk damaging the nearby plants’ tap roots.


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