Money Plant. Ever imagined why we call this plant as “Money Plant”?

Money plant is a money making machine, a more common belief in our society. People have beliefs like they can have wealth, good luck and prosperity if they put a money plant at home.

It is also called friendship plant because of its simple and easy spreading nature. Some believe that no one would have short of money as the plant thrives.

There is a story behind this plant

A poor man from Taiwan once prayed to God to help him from his financial distress. One day he found a leafy plant in his fields and thought that this plant could be the solution of his problems.

He yields more seeds, nuts and plants and take care of all with love. He used to water them properly and nurturing with natural fertilizers which results lots of plants at his home. Then he sold those plants and get some money which help him to resolve his problems.

That is why this plant is always given as a gift to our loved ones as a hope of wealth and prosperity.

Experts at Feng Shui have some views about money plant

If you place a money plant near your television, computer or WiFi router, it will help reduce anxiety and stress. The plant also helps in preventing conflicts and sleep disorders.

Vastu Sashtra behind Money Plant

According to Vastu Experts money plant is the source of positive energy in our lives. Money plants should be planted in the house so they bring good luck with them.

These are especially recommended for growing inside the house because of its good luck nature and should not be grown outside because the dry leaves make the plant less attractive and these leaves needed to be plucked off.

What should be the right place to keep money plant at home?

Because of its foliage and rapid growth money plants are mostly considered as indoor plants. These plants grow best in warm areas with indirect sunlight, so keeping it in the house is ideal.

You can let it hang on your windows, trail from shelves or climb on walls to get a green tropical feel. Hanging baskets are also a great option to display their greenery to its full impact.

Does money plant really purify the air?

Yes, this plant does purify the air and freshens your home by removing pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon monoxide from the air. It filters the air and increase oxygen flow. The NASA study team has also approved it for its air-purifying capabilities.

By other way we can summarize that it purify the air because of the saying that by keeping a money plant one can gain good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Money plant is also called as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.

According to the studies it has proven that indoor plants really helpful to improve focus and efficiency, lowering stress levels and boost your mood.

The sentiments and moods, indeed, play a significant role to encourage people and motivate them to work energetically to achieve success.

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